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seznam témat -> Battle of the Nations - world championship on historical medieval battles

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Natalia_UA 01. duben 2011 15:46:09
The festival is coming very soon!
Follow the news on the site !

Natalia_UA 07. březen 2011 13:04:42
Main program of the international festival "Battle of the Nations"!
I. Test nominations of the competitions between National teams on historical medieval battles:
1) Nomination "Duel": "1 vs1" fights (will be held for 3 days).
2) Nomination "Group fights": "5 vs5" (will be held for 3 days).
3) Nomination "Mass fights": "21 vs21" - the royal nomination of historical medieval battles (HMB) (will be held for 2 days).
II. Nomination "The best combatkit contest", in which the representatives of National teams will participate:
Nomination "The best combat kit contest" is aimed to discover the best authentic, reliable and aesthetic kit of protective and offensive weapons for HMB. Only representatives of National teams and only in those combat kits, in which they participate in full-contact HMBs can take part in this contest (will be held for1 day).
Assessment of the contest is conducted by knight marshals, judging panel and organizers of the festival.
III. Non-test buhurts between the representatives of civic groups or any other parties admitted to HMB.
Non-test buhurts will be held approximately twice a day, in the afternoon and in the evening, the number of participants will vary.
Groups of fighters will be formed on the lists according to decisions of their captains. Conditions that lead to victory or tactical objectives may vary in every non-test buhurt depending on mutual agreement of participants and on approval of a judging panel .
All non-test buhurts will be held in accordance with the common international rules for HMB and maintained by a judging panel of 10-20 people (will be held for 4 days).
IV. Competition for the best authentic field camp.
Authenticity, accuracy, functionality, aesthetics and originality, as well as the size of a field authentic camp will be assessed (competition will be held for 1 day). Assessment of the competition is conducted by knight marshals, judging panel and organizers of the festival.
V. Archery and crossbow tournament.
Shooting tournament will be held on a specially equipped place for about 2 days. A panel of judges and managers of this tournament is being formed now and will be presented shortly.
With best regards,
organizers of the international festival "Battle of the Nations"
Natalia_UA 07. březen 2011 13:03:52
Dear ladies and gentlemen!
We are pleased to invite you to the second international festival of historical reenactment of the Middle Ages “Battle of the Nations” which will be held from April, 30 to May 3 2011 in Khotyn fortress in the town of Khotyn, Ukraine!
"Battle of the Nations" (Battle of the Nations ®) is an international project within which the most significant world events concerning historical medieval battles, particularly large-scale and spectacular historical festivals which are actually world championships on the historical medieval battles (HMB) are held. The most experienced and highly trained National Teams from all over the world who practice historical medieval battles take part in these historical festivals.
This year during the festival the world championship on historical medieval battles which will gather the best National Teams on historical medieval battles will be held. The scale and the geography of "Battle of the Nations" increases. Compared to the previous year the National Teams from Ukraine, Russia, Poland and Belarus will be joined by new teams from France, Italy, Germany and Canada this year. The best fighters of these countries will take part in realistic full-contact battles and will fight in different nominations for the title of the best world fighters.
We invite you to join our event as a participant of a civil team from your country. The member of the civil teams will be given a nice opportunity to demonstrate their historical costumes, to take part in different competitions or non-rating buhurts.
The craftsmen who produce and trade in the items of historical reenactment of the Middle Ages are invited to take part in one of the largest medieval fairs where you can sell your production to the reenactors from all the countries-participants.
In order to participate in the festival one is to have authentic apparel and household stuff of the Middle Ages and to be referred to an authentic field camp.
Please, send your applications to
We will be happy to see you on the festival “Battle of the Nations”!

Yours sincerely,
organizers of the international festival “Battle of the Nations”.