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seznam témat -> První mezinárodní festival historické "bitvě národů"

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Natalia_UA 17. únor 2010 15:22:08
We are happy to invite you to the first international medieval historical reenactment festival “Battle of the nations” that will take place from April, 30 to May, 3 2010 behind the walls of Khotyn fortress (Chernivtsi province, Ukraine) which has been designated as one of 7 Wonders of Ukraine (
The historical festival “Battle of the Nations” ( conceptually absolutely differs from everything which was earlier. The national teams of four countries will challenge each other in real full-contact medieval battles in order to define the best of the best in a new sport which is being born about your ears. While the atmosphere, the way of life and the living conditions will be in the best traditions of European medieval living history festivals.
The venue of the festival is one of the favorite tourists’ places, as long as Khotyn fortress is situated in the very heart of Europe, close to nature, not far from the picturesque Carpathian Mountains and surrounded by lots of sightseeing places, historical and cultural monuments. During May games it usually gathers up to 10 000 visitors daily, and during films shooting about 50 000 people came there.
On the days of the festival Khotyn fortress will give a hearty welcome to Ukrainian, Russian, Byelorussian and Polish national teams composed of the best world fighters, craftsmen, merchants and traders, about 50 000 tourists and more than 50 medieval historical reenactment clubs, and separate reenactors! You can become the participant of the great spectacular event which will give a birth to the new world sport. Besides the battles of four national teams, various cultural-sport activities as hors concours fighting competitions etc., a great medieval fair where you also can take part, original master classes in medieval arms and armor manufacturing, medieval soldiership training, courses in medieval dancing, archery, competitions and concerts, fire-show and theatre performances are planned in the program of “Battle of the nations”.
The festival participants will be provided with the site for your tent, water and firewood in the amount needed. For festival participants’ comfort residence composting toilets and showers etc. will be installed near the campsite.
The festival “Battle of the nations” offers you a great opportunity to establish friendly relationships with your colleagues – medieval reenactment clubs and separate reenactors, to exchange the experience and knowledge with the professional world fighters, craftsmen and history lovers, to purchase some medieval goods or to sell your medieval goods if you have some and just to have fun in a nice environment. Having visited the festival you will see how the new world sport is being born about your ears and just get the pleasure from the spectacular battles, communication with the like-minded people, the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and beautiful nature. On your part a high quality and authentic appearance of medieval goods you use, wear and live in and surrounded with as well as a good mood and amicability are required. Or you can come just as a tourist and have fun!
The festival “Battle of the nations” is looking forward for you!
In you are interested in participation, please, send us an e-mail to and get the applications form and other necessary information.
You can get an in-depth information at:
our web-site:
tel.: +38 050 285 67 33
our video advert:
Info about the fortress: